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The problem of having too junior developer as a CTO

Hiring a CTO isn’t easy. Relying on a quality CTO as a service takes the burden off of startups, allowing them to focus on what matters. As a longtime CTO, here’s a situation that I’ve…

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Why having a good QA engineer is essential for your project’s success

Question: What do Heathrow’s Terminal 5 and NASA’s Mars Climate Orbiter have in common?Answer: Software bugs that could have been avoided with proper testing and quality assurance  (QA) during various software development processes.  The case…

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Building an entire web app with Phoenix LiveView

At the start of this year, I had the pleasure and opportunity of building an entire application using Phoenix LiveView. I did so without writing any JavaScript code (if we can exclude initialising date pickers…

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Dark Mode Design Tips

Technology is almost constantly present in our lives. As we interact with various websites, tools and applications both day and night, the artificial, bright light of our devices' screens accompanies us at every step. As…

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