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The Client

Stillpoint Spaces is online counselling and community platform with practice management tools that combine innovative Telehealth approaches with a strong real-world presence.



Stillpoint Spaces provides counsellors and clients with a clean, easy to set of tools for managing therapy progress and conducting counselling practice. It shows the most recent messages, payment reports and incoming session schedule.

Online Platform

Online Platform

The platform exposes the online counselling experience by allowing secure audio, video and text communication between patient and counsellor.



Calendar and system of automatic notification and reminders make tracking incoming sessions easy. In connection with a safe payment system through Stripe, it allows users to focus on what’s important – providing guidance for people in need of such service.

The Challenge

The idea for Stillpoint Spaces started in Zurich in 2012, yet LLI was not involved in the project until 2016. Our team faced the challenge of taking over another’s developers’ code.

To succeed we reverse-engineered existing application features, analysed our customer’s internal organisation flow and redesigned the platform in accordance with the research findings. The final stage of the takeover included a major UI/UX redesign with a rebranding that addressed all of the improvement areas identified during the prior takeover phases.

Old Main Site

After conducting an analysis of internal organisation processes and existing application code, areas of focus for improving the counsellor-customer workflow and overall user experience of the community using the platform by both have been identified.

Those areas have been addressed by implementing improvements in technical areas of the app and redesigning some of the business processes attached to it.

New Main Site

Counsellor-client communication and processes around it constitute the core of the Stillpoint Spaces service. The performed analysis identified new functionalities to be added to improve the process and improvements that can be done to existing ones in order to improve the process efficiency.

Those varied from interface redesign to make the user experience more focused and smoother to implementing and reworking the current flow for payments with new payment system implementation to address one of the key issues the platform was struggling with at the moment of takeover.

Counsellor dashboard

Optimising the toolset for managing and maintaining all areas of counsellor-client relations (notes, conversations history, etc.). After performing analysis and customer workshops we provided improvements proposition to make the daily work of counsellors more efficient.

The focus here was to enrich the online platform with a useful toolset for managing client directories and sessions.

Counsellor profile

Improving the UI helped to establish a better initial connection between counsellor and client, helping potential clients to browse through counsellors’ list, obtain vital information that would enable to filter counsellors and choose one to establish initial contact with.

This resulted in improved client conversion and better matching between counsellors and clients that enabled addressing clients’ problems in a more effective way.

Video Connection

Ensuring smooth and efficient video sessions between clients and counsellors was one of the main user experience factors that have been addressed. We improved the security, performance and ease of use of this part of the functionality. Also, Ad hoc session creation was enabled as a means for fast connection between client and counsellor.

Client Directory

Another vital area identified during workshops with counsellors was the client management system. As this functionality is used on daily basis and greatly impacts the counsellor’s experience. As an outcome of that workshop, we had proposed a rework of the current functionality.

Reworked client’s directory allowed counsellors to have better tools for managing clients (e.g. splitting them into two groups depending on the status, simplified invite system for inviting clients to conversations, etc.). This helped to better organise daily workflow for counsellors and decrease the time needed for administrative work, therefore leaving more time to conduct sessions.

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