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The Client

Medeval is an evaluation tool created as a proof of concept for one of our customers. The goal was to create a prototype solution that would allow automatically assign patients to specialists based on the automated evaluation forms.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to integrate various existing paper patient assessment forms into one digital flow. This integration created one coherent flow which combines different forms and scoring systems and integrates them into one user journey.

That way with one questionary system can access different mental health risks and provide complex assessment results to the healthcare professional before the visit takes place.

Doctor Panel

Doctor Panel forms the healthcare specialist facing part of the interface. From here evaluation reports for patients can be seen by the doctor. Those reports contain the patient’s evaluation as well as deeper insights into scores and answers provided by the patient at each stage of the evaluation process.

This allows us to not only have an overall view of the result but also take a closer look at each part of the questionary in a more detailed way.

Patient Questionnaire

This component forms the core of the whole system. It was designed to provide an automated user journey through all of the questions towards the final evaluation. We have combined questionaries existing already in paper form (each of which was separately addressing different mental health problems) into one digital seamless flow.

This flow allows identifying various potential mental health risks in one user’s journey through various questions which work as a branched conditional processing tree allowing to gather more information when necessary. Thanks to that approach we can gather much more details that would provide valuable information for the specialist upon the first patient visit.

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