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The Client

Factory Berlin is one of the biggest startup hubs in Germany. Through a digital platform, community spaces, startup labs, programs and events, Factory Berlin connects and empower those who dare to think and create the unimagined and build the world of tomorrow. The true value of Factory Berlin lies in community interactions and networking.

The Challenge

Factory Berlin’s project has been a massive endeavour since 2016. LLI stepped in to support and contribute to its development. We helped with building external APIs, unifying the feature set and the deployment infrastructure. Currently, we are engaged in increasing the scope of available features.

Our work involved a few major milestones and challenges. The primary one is the complexity of the existing platform. The state of the platform at the moment of our involvement was that there were multiple elements at different stages of the maturity and development process. The first challenge was to reduce the complexity and redesign system architecture so that we have a single consistent system. This would allow us to reduce maintenance requirements and focus on delivering new functionalities.

We managed to achieve this goal by combining our experience with complex systems and being open to Factory Berlin’s needs. As a result of our effort, we obtained clean architecture with the intuitive distinction between building blocks. This created a baseline for moving forward with the development of a digital platform in line with Factory Berlin’s long term business goals. Currently, we established a work schedule with constant delivery of new features and feedback loops that allows us to deliver and improve the digital platform on a weekly basis.

Member Area Members

Member Area is a fully responsive end-customer facing part of the application. It allows Factory Berlin community members to manage their membership plans, community profiles used for networking and other data that they share with Factory Berlin.

Additional features include a job board where members share different opportunities and seek collaboration, companies directory and events listing.

Data Tool Admins

Data Tool is part of the platform used by the Factory Berlin team to manage and administer the community. It allows handling multiple workflows used in Factory Berlin’s day-to-day operations starting from the application process, through membership plan changes, reception check-ins and many more.

It also has an analytics module that allows using gathered data as an aid in the decision-making process both on the short term operational and long term strategic levels.

Multiple Integrations

Even though our initial goal was to simplify architecture and provide a baseline for further development we were also able to utilise our expertise in implementing third party API integration. After establishing mentioned baseline we integrated it with specialised tools connected to Factory Berlin digital platform.

Those specialised tools include, but are not limited to, payment provider service (Stripe), door access system (Sensorberg) or communication and marketing tools like Mailchimp or Slack. We are also providing integration with Hotjar, Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics that are used to provide data that is used later for future digital platform development.

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