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Brandnew IO

User Testing | Front End | Back End | UI & UX Design | Product Market Fit

Brandnew IO was one of the pioneers of influencer marketing. This advanced platform helped to manage thousands of influencers and dozens of campaigns at once in easy to comprehend and user-friendly UI. The application was developed using the Ruby on Rails framework and EmberJS with a native mobile client. As part of the project, we applied machine learning mechanisms to leverage influencers’ value for businesses.

Factory Berlin

Front End | Back End | UI & UX Design | Project Takeover | Community | Networking

Factory Berlin is one of the biggest European hubs for innovators. Besides providing real estate space for startups and technological visionaries, the core of the Factory business is a curated community of more than 3500 highly skilled creative and technology professionals. Starting our cooperation with Factory we analysed the existing system and provided a plan for the consolidation of dispersed applications as a single Elixir umbrella deployment. This reduced complexity and maintenance costs and allowed us to focus on providing a management system and social platform for Factory Berlin’s community.

Stillpoint Spaces

Front End | Back End | UI & UX Design | Project Takeover | System administration | Telehealth

Stillpoint is a telehealth platform that brings counselling sessions to the XXI century. It utilises video conferencing and a set of tools for managing all aspects of counselling. It removes limitations of the physical spaces allowing to offer health services worldwide regardless of people’s location.


Front End | Back End | API | UI & UX Design | Internationalisation & Localisation

Yata is a language localisation and copies management application. It offers live translation updates, easy to use interface that can be fully utilised without any technical background and a streamlined translations management process. Yata was completely developed by us using Elixir, with the help of the Phoenix framework. It can be easily integrated with multiple programming languages like Elixir, Ruby or NodeJS with the support of Websockets.

Mass Mobilize

Front End | Back End | Mobile App | Product Market Fit | Smart Scheduling

Mass Mobilize is a project aimed at utilising technology and innovation to make a political impact. It serves as a tool for non-profit organisations (NGOs) and helps them organise and coordinate their supporters and run campaigns aiming to achieve social, legal and political goals. Working on the project we helped to conceptualise the idea, provided designs for system architecture and user flow diagrams. In the next stage, our development team created a prototype for a mobile application in React Native, system API using Elixir and NGO’s platform with Ruby on Rails.


Product Market Fit | User Testing | Front End | Back End | UI & UX Design

Medeval is a concept of an automated healthcare assessment system. It walks users through a series of questions allowing them to estimate potential health risks in different areas. Project initial focus was mental health assessment, however, the system was designed as a universal medical tool that could be easily integrated with any healthcare provider infrastructure.
Medeval simplifies data collection, supports diagnosis and provides work process automation for healthcare providers which saves time for both patients and medical staff. Working on the project we provide high-level system design, UI and UX designs, user flow diagrams and feasibility assessment.

Exit Reality

Back & Front End | UI & UX Design | Product Consulting | Entertainment | Virtual Reality

Exit Reality VR provides infrastructure that allows people to experience on-site virtual reality attractions. This VR experience consists of hardware infrastructure deployed on-site and software solution that allows managing multiple events happening simultaneously at different locations. Our role was to build software that would help coordinate those events and manage all of the processes associated with running each of them.

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